HiFi Magazin 7. 1981/3.


    Our English Synopsis

 1. Audio Culture

    (Editorial notes)
    One  of our gravest dilemmas, just like with other Hi-Fi publikations,
    is the need of having good quality sets for reference. However, if the
    basis for comparison is an overly expensive set we lose touch with the
    present   day   unsophisticated   Hungarian   market.  We  regard  our
    reference  set  performing  a dual funktion. It does not only measures
    against  but  it  measures  with,  and  the  most  accurately at that.
    Recently  we  have  invited all those Hungarian engineers and amateurs
    for a contest who are trying to design good quality phono preamps. (If
    a  worthy  construction  is  found  we  will  recommend  it  for local
    manufacturing.) Therefore we have to provide the "instrument" which is
    fool   proof.  Temporarily  we  have  chosen  an  unusually  expensive
    cartridge,  the  Ortofon  MC3O with a T-30 trunsformer. For comparison
    it  would  be  too  demanding  in Hungary, but again, we use it not to
    measure against but rather as an instrument of measurement.

 2. Soundservice

 3. The 100 year old Stereo

 4. Digital Revolution

    The   time   has   come  to  publish  a  professional  survey  of  the
    universally  adopted  digital  studio technology rather than the usual
    press  and  commercial  treatment.  Author of our article is the chief
    engineer of HUNGAROTON.

 5. The Nimbus Triangle

    Even   more   puzzling   than   the  Bermuda  Triangle.  An  identical
    performance  of  Beethoven's Hammerklavier has hit the market in three
    separate  records  issued  by the British Nimbus label. One of them is
    direct  cut,  the  second  is  digital while the third originates from
    analogue  tape  recording.  The  records  are  not identified as such,
    consequently   we   were   able  to  examine  the  sound  without  any
    prejudice.  The  label  will  subsequently  provide the clue by telex.
    (Nimbus  supplied  the  records  on  the  recommendations  of Mr. John
    Crabbe,  Editor  of HFNRR; we would like to express our thanks to both
    of them.)

 6. Recording Sheet

    Reviews, criticism.

 7. Screenplay

    ("From the mike to the recordshop")
    How  long  does  it  take  for  the concert recording to appear in the
    shops?  The  record taped at the gala opening of the HUNGAROTON Record
    Week  -a  Bartók concert by Zoltán Kocsis and Dezső Ránki- has reached
    the market in three days.

 8. Funkausstellung '81

    Picture report of the electronics fair in West-Berlin.

 9. Taperecorder Ltd.

    Cassette  recorders  continue  to remain inferior to reel-to-reel sets
    primarily due to their lack of tape guidance mechanism.

10. The Yellow Brick Road

    (Press digest)
    HiFi Stereophonie, Hi-Fi News & Record Review, L'Audiophile.

11. Siva's Child

    (Micro Seiki DQX-1000)
    Gods  and  semigods  have more arms than mortals do. Siva for instance
    has  four.  A  similar cult personality is the three armed Micro Seiki
    DQX-1000.  In  the Far-Eastern mythology she is sitting on the side of
    the  gods  deciding on the fate of styli. (Our test tries to decide if
    this  special  recordplayer  is  any better than ours, using identical
    Hadcock  arm  and  Ortofon  MClO  cartridge.  The  answer: just on the


12. The Bextréne Generation

    Test  of  the  Audax  BEX  40  speaker kit and the KEF B110/T27 - with
    special  consideration  for  the  raw  material  used  in the woofers:

13. Cartridges From The Vicinity

    Hungary  does  not manufacture High Fidelity phonograph cartridges but
    (using  a  slightly  antiquated  definition)  in  the territory of the
    Austro-Hungarian   Monarchy  AKG  is  producing  them.  Examining  the
    latest series: P l0ED, P l5MD and P25MD.

14. Tape Test

    Finally  we  are ready to publish our hundred mile long (reel-to-reel)
    tape  test  on  Agfa,  Akai, BASF, Maxell, ORWO, Polimer, Sony and TDK

15. The blue Orion

16. Introducing

    Two  stereo  cassette  decks  (Technics  RS-M215  and Akai CS-M3), two
    recordplayers  (Panasonic  SL-H401  and  Tesla NC 450) plus a domestic
    phono preamp.