HiFi Magazin 9. 1982/2.


    Our English Synopsis

 1. Audio Culture

    (Editorial notes)
    As  the  Stones says: audiophiles "Can't get no Satisfaction"; somehow
    Hi-Fi  sets  are  still  lacking something in sound quality. They keep
    hoping  that  perhaps  a  newer,  a  better, a more expensive set will
    finally  provide  the  ultimate  sonic  experience-but they are always
    disappointed   even   when  listening  to  triamplified  electrostatic
    speakers,  using esoteric MC cartridges... Conclusion: those who don't
    sufficiently like music should not expect anything more from Hi-Fi.

 2. Soundservice

    Space  for  those  desiring  to  inquire,  needing  advice, whising to
    comment or argue or even to advertize.

 3. The DiGital DG

    Western  records  are rarely available in Hungary (altough they can be
    obtained  with  the  aid  of a relative or during a trip to the West),
    consequently regular reviews are not in order. However in order not to
    lose  sight  of the world market eompletely with all its technological
    norm.  We  have  requested  some  LP-s  from well known companies with
    special  attention  to  recordings  that  would  clearly  reflect  the
    company's  technological  standard.  Now  we  are  examining Polydor's
    (Deutsche  Grammophon)  4  new  "hybrid" recordings with the view of a

 4. A letter from Hungarian LP Factory

 5. Rock Music in Neanderthal

    A  thorough musico-philosophical essay for the stone aged man (and the
    like)  with  his  mallet. An answer is wanted about the origins of pop
    music and whether we can expect artistic inventiveness in this field.

 6. Disconica

    (Story  of  a  book  ignored)  If  the  subject matter of a book is of
    technical  nature no problems exist in Hungary. If it is for and about
    youth  it  is  welcomed However, if a book is technically oriented and
    for  the  youth  market  the  author is up against the wall in finding
    publishers,  no  matter  how  much  the  subject  is  in demand We are
    printing  an excerpt ("The Vocoder") from a book in preparation on the
    subject of disco music and its technical background.

 7. Recording Sheet

    Reviews, criticism.

 8. Thousand and One Addresses

    Addresses  taking  up  many  full  pages  of  every  imaginable  Hi-Fi
    manufacturer  and  sales  company: Japanese, American, German, British
    Directory plus some additional European sources.

 9. The Yellow Brick Road

    (Press digest)
    HiFi Stereophonie, Hi-Fi News & Record Review, Hi-Fi Answers, Audio.

10. The March Is On

    There  are  hundred  (100!) times as many Revox A77 in Hungary than of
    any  other well known, comparable priced types. The Revox story begins
    with  the  20-year-old "tubed" G36, followed by the "classic" A77 (our
    Playmate  of  the  Month)  as  well  as the semi-professional A700-all
    included  in  this test report. As the example shows old does not mean


11. And Yet It Does Move... (The Coil!)

    A view of the universal market of pick ups, status of the magnetic and
    MC  cartridges. Our reference, the Ortofon MC 30 is compared with some
    name brands.

12. About MC-problems

13. Presenting

    Modest  priced  Philips  and Pioneer cartridges, new cassette decks by
    Technics and Pioneer.

14. MOD: Risks of Modifications

    An  article  of  theory  following  by  the modification of Videoton's
    Prometheus receiver.

15. Variations on an Orion

    The  first  real Hi-Fi amp of Hungarian design is the Orion SE 260. It
    has  a relatively simple phono electronic construction. We attempted a
    comparison  with  more  complicated preamps although always via the SE
    260. Is the difference audible?

16. Between Takes