HiFi Magazin 19. 1985/3.


    Our English Synopsis

 1. Audio Culture

    (Editorial Notes)
    Audiophiles  are often recounting unusual and inexplicable events. For
    instance:  amps  produce differing sounds even if they had no right to
    do  so  and  turntables  (speaker stands, connecting cables etc.) also
    create their own sounds. Engineers generally do not believe this until
    they  can come up with some hidden parameter explanation for the above
    mentioned  auditive phenomenon. It is strange that the audiophiles are
    expected  to  provide  scientific  evidence yet it should be up to the
    engineers  themselves to unearth the hidden parameters. The history of
    High  Fidelity so far has always confirmed the fan's opinion. Whatever
    is  detected  by  ear might eventually be measured by instruments - in
    the future.

 2. Soundservice

    Space  for  those  desiring  to  inquire,  needing  advice, wishing to
    comment or argue or even to advertize.

 3. Pop Music Recordings

    The  logical  follow-up of our series on miking: a survey of recording
    technique of pop, rock and jazz.

 4. Multisimple Recordings

    Member (or teacher as well if you like it) of an unusual school is the
    small american audiphile firm the Reference Recordings. Their products
    represent  a  midway between simple and multimike technique. The basis
    for our review is 5 excellent RR recordings.

 5. A Story Of Woodwinds

 6. Basic Library


 7. FM-Diary

    Live broadcast concerts from januar to april

 8. Recording Sheet

    Reviews, criticizm.

 9. The Yellow Brick Road

    (Press Digest)
    Hi-Fi News & Record Review, Hi-Fi Answers, Audio.

10. Premier - The First Domestic Audiophile Presentation

11. Postcard From London

    Report  from  the  London Penta Show, organized by Hi-Fi News & Record

12. Frequency synthesizing tuners

13. Notes From The Air

    Playmate  of  the  Month  the  Pioneer  F-99X tuner. Sound quality was
    tested  by  our  usual  program  sources  via  Radiometer  instruments
    enabling us to make AB blind test.


14. Puzzle

    This game is a courtesy by the NAD and Tesla firms. The NAD 5120 alias
    Tesla  NC  470  turntable is the one and only musical sounding machine
    available in Hungarian retail outlets. Now equipped with two different
    tonearms  the  consumer has the choice which one fits better: the well
    advertised strange flat thing or the new but conventional tubular arm.

15. Presenting

    the  Ortofon MC1O Super cartridge, two Sharp "towers", Aiwa, Sharp and
    Technics cassette decks.

16. Between Takes