HiFi Mozaik 1. 1987/1.


    Our English Synopsis

 1. Audio Culture

    Editorial  notes about the mutation of Hifi Magazin changing into Hifi
    Mozaik. Aside from the title everything is the same. We are continuing
    the same program for the same audiophile.

 2. Soundservice

    Space  for  those  desiring  to  inquire,  needing  advice, wishing to
    comrnent or argue or even to advertize.

 3. The Cable Snake

    Hereby  based  on  our experiments we are reinforcing the view stating
    that  solid  core thin cabie affects the information the least. We can
    demonstrate this finding on both pricey and inexpensive Hi-Fi sets.

 4. Discoussion about clavier

 5. Recording Sheet

    Review, criticizm.

 6. FM-Calendar

    Live concerts via our tuners till autumn.

 7. 10th Hungaroton Record Weekend

 8. Basic Library

    No. 6: Overture.

 9. Interview

10. Grossing the Frontier

    Sound  engineers  of  the  Hungarian  Radio  paid  a  visit with their
    Austrian counterparts. Considering that the sound quality of Hungarian
    broadcasting  is  thought  to  be poor (in the opinion of audiophiles,
    that is), we all can but profit from the exchange of views.

11. New Year's Concert

    To  follow  up  on  the  previous  subjects a report is presented on a
    subjective   test.  Our  colleagues  equipped  with  identical  tuners
    listened  to  the  same  Strauss concert from Vienna through Austrian,
    Hungarian  and  Yugoslav FM stations. They taped the programs (38 cm/s
    Nagra) in order to reproduce the test at a later time

12. The Yellow Brick Road

    (Press Digest)
    Hi-Fi News & Record Review, Hi-Fi Answers, Audio.

13. Playmate of the Month: The Jecklin Float

    One  of  the  most  urgent  of  our  debts.  A test of headsets either
    available in Hungary or at least obtainable by the common man is to be
    published  in our forthcoming issue. As a basis of comparison we chose
    the  electrostatic  Jecklin Float. We are familiarizing ourselves with
    its  sound,  comparing it to that of speakers in order to learn : what
    can be expected from headsets at all.


14. Cable Connections

    Tying  into  our  cable  experiments,  we  wanted  to find more on the
    subject-at least the basics which already exists in the handbooks...

15. Presenting

    Sony CDP-40 and Dual CD 20 CD-Player, Ortofon OM SE, 10, 20, 30, 40 as
    well  as  the  high  output moving coils X1-MC and X3-MC; Akai AP-A210
    turntable, Akai HX-A201 and HX-A301 W cassette decks.

16. Part 2: Ortofon Cartridges

17. Between Takes