HiFi Magazin 32. 1990/1.


    Our English Synopsis

 1. Audio Culture

    (Editorial Notes)
    The  question  is the following. Is it acceptable for a Hi-Fi magazine
    to  publish an erotic cover. But why not. The more so considering that
    from January on we are (at our new publisher Computerworld Informatika
    Kft)  the  sister  publication  of  the Hungarian issues of Scientific
    American  and  - Playboy. At the same time we regained our traditional
    name Hifi Magazin.

 2. Soundservice

    Space  for  those  desiring  to  inquire,  needing  advice, whising to
    comment or argue or even to advertize.

 3. The One After The Last Link

    Basic  notions of audiology. It will not hurt audiophiles to know what
    differentiates  golden ears from tin ears, intact hearing from damaged
    one and how the capacities of human hearing is examined.

 4. Fourth Dimension: More New Dimensions

    The  latest development around the mysterious PWB effect. The tireless
    Peter  Belt  recognized  that  the dimensions of our habitat is not of
    equal  value thus the soundscape of Hi-Fi or even the concert hall can
    be  altered  by  simply turning some objects (book, records etc.) from
    onè spacial dimension to another. According to another insight colours
    influence  as  well  regardless  of the fact whether we are looking at
    them or not. Our experiments prove it unequivocally.

 5. Basic Library

 6. Imported Records

 7. Opera Serie

    J. Strauss: The Flitter-Mouse; Ponchielli: Gioconda.

 8. On To The Movie

    The  reconstruction  of  Hungarian  movie theaters have finally begun.
    Quite  a  few  cinemas have been equipped with Dolby Stereo as well as
    JBL speakers.

 9. The Yellow Brick Road

    (Press Digest)
    England: Hi-Fi News & Record Review, Hi-Fi Answers, USA: Audio.

10. Heaven And Earth

    This time the Playmate of the Month is the old tube preamplifier Audio
    Research  ARC  SP-6C-1.  Comparing  it  with  average and high quality
    electronics  based  on  semiconductors  we  realized  that there is no
    comparison at all. The ARC is nonpareil.


11. Computer Studio - II.

    Computers are taking over in recording studios. The tapeless studio of
    the  future  (and  the  present!)  will use methods like synthesis and
    resynthesis   of  voices  and  rhytms,  music  editing  from  samples,
    electronical notes editing, computer controlled fortepiano.

12. Presenting

    Ortofon  MC  series  Turbo  and  HMC, Denon DCD 820 and Sanyo CP 59 CD
    players,  Denon  PMA-320  amp,  Heybrook  HB1  and  Videoton Preludium

13. Between Takes